The title of this blog came from the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. In our world, there exists so many different interpretations of what happiness truly is. It appears that some feel that happiness comes from economic prosperity or doing what feels good. Or for all of you Wicked fans out there, "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true." My personal opinion is that happiness comes by living right and clean lives.

Looking through Windows

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan and into Summer!!!

Ladies, isn't that the best looking group of guys you've ever seen? I know, I know it's overwhelming to look at, but I couldn't resist.

Okay, so it's been, shall we say, a long and very involved time since I last wrote. I figured that it was fine, since there probably aren't a whole lot of people following what I write anyway.

So I finished the school year just fine and guess what?!!! I've only got one more year to go before I graduate!!!! So watch out world, here I come! Or actually I guess it's only graduate school, but they are finally going to let me out of Provo.

Also recently, my roommate and really good friend, Danny Marler, decided that he wanted to graduate and move to Georgia, which besides being incredibly sad, is also really exciting for him. In honor of his memory (may he rest in peace), I decide to post some pictures. Warning, they might shock you because many of you have probably never seen me in sport's gear outside before.

Oh! And shocking fact #2, I'm planning on running a half-marathon in a month!!