The title of this blog came from the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. In our world, there exists so many different interpretations of what happiness truly is. It appears that some feel that happiness comes from economic prosperity or doing what feels good. Or for all of you Wicked fans out there, "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true." My personal opinion is that happiness comes by living right and clean lives.

Looking through Windows

Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, it looks as if I'm finally off to Idaho to begin my internship. This should be an exciting adventure. I'm mostly excited to "go back to my old stomping grounds" as many people have said. Yup, good ol' Bonneville County here I come. You could only keep me away for about five years.
But to be honest, it has also been really nice being home for three weeks and not having to work. I'm gotten quite a bit accomplished. However, all those mornings of sleeping in until seven thirty in the morning are almost over, on Monday I have to be at work at seven. Yay!! Actually, thank goodness for having work at all!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prancing Ponies

So last night I went with my parents, my grandpa and my sister to go watch some horse dance to music and do some pretty amazing tricks. I've posted a few pictures. Forgive the quality. We didn't take a camera with us, so I had to rely on the great quality of my phone's camera. And just as an update, I'm almost finished with my second reading of the seventh Harry Potter book.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Year's Vacation

So I know that is has been a year since this trip happened. But I just discovered all of my roommates pictures on my computer and he happened to have pictures of our trip down to Zion's National Park last August. So I have decided to post some of them. (Thanks DANNY). It was a ton of fun. We spent about twenty four hours in the park. The best part was walking in the narrows. It was such a beautiful day. I'd like to go back down and do it again sometime.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well, it's the end of a semester at BYU!!!! And in my defense I managed to get a 3.94 this semester. I was pretty happy about that. Right now I'm just taking it easy at home for a few weeks. I don't have to work, do homework, study for tests or anything like that. I'm FREE as some would call it. However, I do have to get ready for my very exciting and awesome intership at the INL this summer. It'll be a great experience for me. I start working on May 18 in Idaho Falls. And we'll see what great adventures await me in the great gem state.
Just to add to the excitement, I built bottle rockets in my Fluids class this year. I've attached a video for all to see and enjoy.